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Businesses need a wide range of resources to compete, thrive and succeed. Yet there’s one essential ingredient that no company can afford to be without: money. Whether it’s working capital, equipment, property, inventory, operational expenses or other needs, access to funds is vital yet sometimes challenging to obtain for many companies. At Lassen Financial Services, we’re committed to helping businesses of all sizes and in any industry. With our portfolio of commercial finance products, we have sound solutions that meet your company’s needs and goals.

Business Loans, Equipment Leasing, and More

No two businesses are exactly alike. Neither are their funding requirements. Some face cash flow challenges, while others struggle with obtaining financing for commercial real estate and equipment purchases. Our diverse commercial finance includes business loans, leasing, industry-specific products and creative funding solutions:

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Many of these options are excellent alternatives to traditional business loans and other forms of bank financing. We offer a team of experienced and certified financial specialists who can analyze your situation, accurately assess your needs and suggest the best funding solutions for your company.

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