Franchise Financing

Establish and Grow Your Business With Franchise Financing

Franchises provide a unique kind of business opportunity, pairing an established brand’s reputation with your ingenuity, tools, resources and management approach. Like other companies, franchises must have enough capital to meet both their goals and challenges. Lassen Financial Services offers franchise financing for a wide range of purposes, giving both startups and existing franchises the money they require.

Achieve Success With Our Franchise Program

Funding your franchise through Lassen Financial Services offers many great benefits. You can use these loans to refinance existing debt or fund real estate purchases, new equipment, remodeling, new construction projects or acquisitions. Enjoy loans with the most favorable terms possible, delivered with our world-class service:

Besides these advantages, we offer a convenient no-obligation pre-qualification process for our franchise loans. This feature lets you make better use of your time to build your enterprise and set it on the path to growth and success.

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Lassen Financial Services’s franchise financing program offers affordable funding for small, medium and large companies in a wide range of industries. Call our financial specialists to start your application or get a free, no-obligation consultation.