Accounts Receivable

Get the Funds You Need With Accounts Receivable Financing

Owning a business comes with both risks and rewards. Intelligently managing risks is key, and that often involves innovative solutions to common challenges such as limited cash flow. Lassen Financial Services’s accounts receivable financing can help your company access much-needed capital without increasing its long-term debt or impacting equity. This fast and versatile funding method lets you tap into your unpaid invoices to obtain cash immediately and meet business goals.

Financing Receivables With Lassen Financial Services

A.R. financing turns your unpaid customer invoices into assets. You sell those invoices to Lassen Financial Services at a discount and in turn, we collect payment from your customers. Our A.R. financing doesn’t involve loans and is based on your customers’ credit instead of your own. You also receive several great benefits:

Our A.R. financing offers you incredible flexibility. Your available funding grows as your sales increase, and you can use those funds for operating expenses, inventory, payroll, bulk discounts and other business purposes. You’re also better positioned to take on large accounts or fulfill unexpected orders.

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