As your business moves from a small start up to a large, growing business, you may need to change up your leadership strategy. What worked on your own or with a small team may not easily translate to a large company. Scale your business the right way by staying conscious of your approach to management.

Keep Your Goals Clear With Your Employees

Your first group of employees form the core of your business. As you grow, their jobs may change and be affected by new hires. Don’t leave your loyal employees in the dark about your managing strategy. If you go from giving clear instructions in a small group to going for a more hands-off approach as you scale, you may cause unneeded stress and confusion with your loyal employees.

Dramatic changes in leading styles and management strategies should be explained and discussed with your employees. Be sure everyone is on board before you change the structure of your business, or you may risk losing valuable employees as you scale up. Keeping them informed will help them feel like part of your valued team.

Listen to Your Employees

Some of your employees may have been a part of your business almost as long as you have. Listen to these experienced employees as you scale your business. They may have helpful tips, concerns and comments regarding your business. From minor issues to major structural considerations, work with your current team to discuss the best way to approach scaling your business.

Revisit Your Business Plan

Few businesses can survive a major change in their DNA as they grow. However, your managing style needs to change as you expand your business, so this is a good time to revisit other aspects of your business plan. Consider how every piece of your business will be affected by a large increase in projects, employees and income. A well-laid-out business plan should already address these concerns, but you may be growing larger or more quickly than you originally expected.

Reach Out to Peer Networks

Leadership involves ongoing training. No two businesses are alike, but other business owners and investors may have helpful insights into successful strategies for your scaling business. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice and hear what others have done as they grew similar businesses. Discuss financial considerations, management style choices and other structural elements that you need to have in place in order to scale in an low-stress way.